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Analyze10K is private creation. I believe that to gain mastery in any undertaking, great deal of experience is needed. Actualy, there is a magical number: 10 000 Hour. This is level of work in specialization, that you need to becom true master in it. Whether you are a Football player, song writer, balley dancer or data analyst, you need 10K Hours to get on level at which you will be creating, not learning.

A10K was estabilished to give other the possibility of use that potential in data anaysis. I’ve gathered experience cooperating with many countries world wide (UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Ukraine etc.) in many fields. My main interest is Forecasting in Supply Chain, but I also have experience in Marketing and Sales optimisation, financial markets analysis, data management and much more…

If there are some data in Your company, that you don’t know what to do with… transfer it to A10K.

If your current process is insufficient… transfer it to A10K.

If you want to cut costs… transfer it to A10K.

I’m confident that there is always some insight in data. You just have to know where and how to look.


All you need is a good perspective!